What is COVITE

The Basque Country Victims of Terrorism Collective (Colectivo de Víctimas del Terrorismo en el País Vasco) is an association formed in November 1998 by family members of victims of terrorist attacks. It was born out of the drive to safeguard the rights of victims of terrorism and it has been relentlessly fighting against any type of terrorist acts for 20 years. Apart from defending the ethical and material rights of victims of terrorism, COVITE’s aims also include the strict protection of the most fundamental democratic principles, the respect to the legislation in force and the achievement of a social climate in which terrorism and its unfair use at any time in the past are delegitimised.

Mission Statement

The political and social scene that opened up after ETA’s announcement of a ‘permanent cessation’ of its terrorist activity pushes the Victims of Terrorism Collective to cling on to three fundamental pillars in order to lay the foundations of a scene dominated by decency: dignity, memory and justice. It is essential to delegitimise ETA’s political project and its history of terror so that new generations do not conceive of violence as a legitimate means to any end.